Harleian Genealogies

The Harleian Genealogies (named for Harley MS 3859 in which they are found) represent an early collection of pedigrees probably compiled in the mid 10th century, but found in a manuscript of c.1100. Though mostly concerned with the pedigrees of Welsh royal houses, they include several of the dynasties of the Old North and represent one of the earliest and most substantial sources on the rulers of the north. The Isle of Man has been included here as it is a rare and interesting reference to Mann's Brythonic history.

Isle of Man
  Iudgual map Tutagual map Anarant map Mermin map Anthec map Tutagual map Run map Neithon map Senill map Dinacat map Tutagual map Eidinet map Anthun map Maxim guletic qui occidit Gratianum regem Romanorum.
  Run map Arthgal map Dumnagual map Riderch map Eugein map Dumnagual map Teudebur map Beli map Elfin map Eugein map Beli map Neithon map Guipno map Dumngual Hen map Cinuit map Ceritic Guletic map Cynloyp map Cinhil map Cluim map Cursalem map Fer map Confer, ipse est uero olitauc dimor meton uenditus est.
Men of the North
Riderch Hen map Tutagual map Clinoch map Dumgual Hen.
Clinog Etin map Cinbelim map Dumngual Hen.
Urbgen map Cinmarc map Merchianum map Gurgust map Coil Hen.
Guallauc map Laenauc map Masguic Clop map Ceneu map Coyl Hen.
Morcant map Coledauc map Morgant Bulc map Cincar, braut [= map] Bran Hen, map Dumngual Moilmut map Garbaniaun map Coyl Hen map Guotepauc map Tecmant map Teuhant map Telpuil map Vrban map Grat map Iumetel map Ritigirn map Oudecant map Outigir [= Outigern] map Ebiud map Eudos map Eudelen map Aballac map Beli et Anna.
Dunaut map Pappo map Ceneu map Coyl Hen.
Gurci ha Peretur mepion Eleuther Cascord Maur map Letlum [= Gwrwst Lletlwm] map Ceneu map Coyl Hen