Canu Taliesin XII

Original Text

En enw gwledic nef gorchordyon.
Rychanant ry chwynant y dragon.
Gwrthodes gogfres gwelydon
Lliaws Run a Nud a Nwython.
Ny golychaf an gnawt beird o vrython.
Ryfed hael o sywyd sywedyd.
Vn lle rygethlyd rygethlic
Rydylyfaf rychanaf y wledic.
Yny wlat yd oed ergrynic
Nym gwnel nys gwnaf ec newic.
Anhawd diollwg awdloed ny diffyc
Y wledic ny omed.
O edrych awdyl trwm teyrned
Yny uyw nys deubyd bud bed.
Ny digonont hoffed oe buchynt.
Kaletach yr arteith hael hynt.
Toryf pressennawl tra phrydein tra phryder
Rygohoyw rylyccrawr rylyccrer.
Rytharnawr rybarnawr.
Rybarn pawb ygwr banher
Aeninat yn ygnat ac Eluet.
Nyt ygwr dilaw y daeret
Gwas greit agwrhyt gotraet.
Eneichawc gwallawc ynllywet.
Hwyrwedawc gwallawc artebet.
Ny ofyn yneb awnech
Ud neut ym vd nac neut ych
Darwerther tewued yn diwed haf.
Nys kynnyd namyn chwech.
Chwechach it gynan o hynnyd
Chwedlawc trwydedawc traeth dyd.
Teyrned y gwned nwys med mac
Tebic heul haf huenyd
Soned ganmwyhaf kenhaf
Gan doeth ygan llu eilassaf
Bint bydi derwyt bryt haf
Pryt mab lleenawc lliawc.
Hamgwawl gwnngwawl.
Gwnn gwres. tarth gwres gwres tarth
Tra gynnis yd eghis heb warth.
Cleda cledifa cledifarch.
Nyt amtyrr y lu y ledrat.
Nyt amescut y gaw y kywlat.
Tyllynt tal yscwydawr rac taleu y veirch.
O march trwst moryal.
Rithcar riallu gwynawc
Rigwystlant gweiryd goludawc
O gaer glut hyt gaer garadawc.
Ystadyl tir penprys a gwallawc
Teyrned tewrn tagwedawc.


In the name of the Ruler of the high powers of heaven
They sing of, they deplore the prince
He rejected uniform ranks of the rulers
Of the hosts of Rhun and Nudd and Nwython
I will not praise contrary to the custom of the Bards of the Brython
Wonderfully liberal of the knowledge of astrologers
One station of the complete songster, excellent of song
I ardently desire; I will sing to the Gwledig
In the country where he was trembling
He will not cause me to be unable to form the lay
It is difficult to utter odes
That will not be deficient to the Gwledig that does not refuse
Of looking at a heavy ode of sovereignity
In his life will not come the advantage of the grave
They will not be satisfied with the gratification of their lives
Harder the torment of a liberal course
A multitude present beyond Prydain
Thy excessive care of the too sprighly is corrupted
Let it be corrupted. He shall be cut to pieces, he shall be judged
He will judge all, the supreme man
With his will as a judge and let him be benefitted
Not the man that claims the mortuary
A youth violent that regrets the milky food
Like the herald of Gwallawg guiding on
Of a forbearing aspect is the countenance of Gwallawg
He inquires of no one what he has done
Is he not my chief? Is there not sold to you
Thick mead in the end of summer?
There will not increase save six
Sweeter to thee is conversation from elders
Talkative is the privileged orator
Of kings in the luxuriant circle of the good mead
Like the sun, the warm animator of summer
Let him sound the greatest song
I will sing the wise song, the song of the host of harmony
They will be, thou wilt be a Druid in summertime,
The aspect of the son of Lleenawg
With a flowing manly robe
Light, a robe of heat, vapour of heat, heat of vapour
Whilst it rose it was contained without disgrace
A sword will destroy the swordsman’s horse
His host will not break me to theft
The native country of a slave is not free to him
They will perforate the fronts of shields before the fronts of horses
From his steed of tumult, Morial
Shall appear before the host
Fiercely impassioned. They shall pledge the rich plains
From Caer Clud to Caer Caradawg
The support of the land of Penprys and Gwallawg
The king of the kings of tranquil aspect

~ W.F. Skene (1868) The Four Ancient Books of Wales, p. 337