The Annales Cambriae ‘Annals of Wales’ is an early medieval record of events in Britain between c.450 and c.995 (with some later additions). It is believed that the section from ad 613-777 is partly or largely derived from a work of northern origin, so is of particular interest to the study of the Old North.

There are several copies of the manuscript. The text below is largely translated from MS A., with some additions made from MSS. B and C given in brackets. 

Notes from the Annales

457Saint Patrick was carried to the Lord.
516The Battle of Badon [Bellum Badonis] in which Arthur bore the cross of Our Lord Jesus Christ for three days and three nights on his shoulders,* and the Britons were victorious.
 * This is probably an early mistranslation in which W. ysgwyd ‘shield’ was taken to be ysgwydd ‘shoulder’, no doubt a mistake influenced by the image of Christ carrying his own cross.
537The Battle of Camlann [Gueith Camlann] in which Arthur and Modred [Medraut]fell; and there was mortality in Britain and Ireland.
573The Battle of Arfderydd* (between the sons of Eliffer [Elifer] and Gwenddoleu [Guendoleu] son of Ceidio[Keidiau]; in which battle Gwenddoleu fell. Merlin [Merlinus] is made insane).
 * variously spelled Bellum Armterid / Erderit / Arderit.
580Gwrgi1and Peredur2 (sons of Eliffer) die.
 1. Guurci / Gurgi.  2. Peretur
595King Dunod* dies.
 Dunaut / Dunaud Dunauut son of Pabo (Pabo Post Prydain)
607Áedán son of Gabrán* dies.
 *Aidan map Gabran / filius Gawran (king of Dál Riada)
612Kentigern [Conthigirni Chendeirn] dies
613The Battle of Chester [Gueith Cair Legion], and there Selim son of Cinan fell. And Iacob son of Beli slept.*
 * also: (B) “Bellum Kairlion, in which Seysil son of Chinan et Iacob son of Beli died.”; (C) “Bellum Caer Legion, in which Silla son of Kenan fell.”
617Edwin* begins to reign.
 *Etguin / Guin. (king of Deira)
626Edwin1 is baptized; and Rhun2 son of Urien3 baptized him.4
 1. Etguin. 2. Run. 3. Urbgen (king of Rheged). 4. MS B. says that Paulinus, Bishop of York [Paulino episcopo Eboracensi] baptized Edwin. This disagreement also occurs between Bede and Nennius.
627Beli* dies.
 *Belin, this may be Beli ap Neithon, king of Al Clud.
630The Battle of Meiceren;1 and there Edwin2 is destroyed with two of his sons; while Cadwallon3 was the victor.
 1. Gueith Meiceren / Bellum Meigen, known as the Battle of Hatfield Chase in English. 2. Etguin / Edwinus. 3. Catguollaaun / Catwallaun.
631The Battle of Cantscaul, in which Cadwallon [Catguollan] fell.
644The Battle of Cocboy,1 in which Oswald, king of Northumbria,2 and Eowa,3 king of Mercia4 died.
 1. also Chochui. 2. Nordorum / Nodorum. 3. Eoba / Edda. 4. Merciorum
658Oswy* came and led the plunder.
 *Osguid / Oswid (Northumbria).
665The first Easter which the Saxons celebrated. The second Battle of Badon [Bellum Badonis]. Morgan [Morcant] dies.
669Oswy,* king of the Saxons, dies.
*Osguid / Oswid (Northumbria).
704Ealdfrith,* king of the Saxons, dies.
 *Alchfrid / Aelfrid / Adelstan (Northumbria).
717Osred,* king of the Saxons, dies.
 *Osbrit /Osfrit (Northumbria).
722Beli son of Elffin* dies
 *Elfin / Elphini / Elphin (Al Clud).
735Bede [Beda] the priest dies.
736Eógan,* king of the Picts, dies.
 *Ougen / Owinus / Oweyn
750War between the Picts and the Britons, that is the Battle of Mugdock,1 and their king Talorc2 was killed by the Britons. Tewdwr son of Beli3 died.
 1. gueith Mocetauc. 2. Talargan.  3. Teudubr filius Beli / Teudur filius Beli / Teudubr ab Heli (Al Clud)
745Rhodri,* king of the Britons, dies.
 *Rotri / Rodri (Al Clud).
760War between the Britons and Saxons, that is the Battle of Hereford,1 and Dyfnwal2 son of Tewdwr3 dies.
 1. Hirford. 2. Dunagual / Denawal. 3. Teudubr / Teudur (Al Clud).
776Cináed,* king of the Picts, dies
 *Cemoyd / Chemoith
777Abbot Cuthbert* dies
 *Cudberth / Cubertus / Cudbertus
856Cináed,* king of the Picts, dies
 *Cemoyth / Ceinod
866The city of York1 is laid waste; it is the Battle of the Black Lake.2
 1. Urbs Ebrauc / Ebrauci.  2. cat Dub gint / Cat Du lin (this may mean the Battle of Dublin)
869The stronghold of Dumbarton Rock is destroyed by pagans.
 Arx Alt-Clut a gentilibus fracta est.”
946And Strathclyde [Strat Clut] is laid waste by the Saxons.
1014Owain1 son of Dyfnwal2 is killed.
 1. Owinus, Owen the Bald of Strathclyde. 2. Dunawal