The Harleian Genealogies (named for Harley MS 3859 in which they are found) represent an early collection of pedigrees probably compiled in the mid 10th century, but found in a manuscript of c.1100. Though mostly concerned with the pedigrees of Welsh royal houses, they include several of the dynasties of the Old North and represent one of the earliest and most substantial sources on the rulers of the north. The Isle of Man has been included here as it is a rare and interesting reference to Mann’s Brythonic history.

Harleian Genealogies
Manuscript:Harley MS 3859
Date:Compiled mid-10th century. Manuscript c.1100
Strengths:Earliest source of genealogical information on northern elites. May contain some genuine information.
Weaknesses:The infomation was compiled 4 centuries after these men lived. Some of the genealogies may be fictitious, especially in earlier generations. There were political motivations in linking known historic and literary characters together.

Original Text

  • [Isle of Man] Iudgual map Tutagual map Anaraut map Mermin map Anthec map Tutagual map Run map Neithon map Senill map Dinacat map Tutagual map Eidinet map Anthun map Maxim guletic qui occidit Gratianum regem Romanorum.
  • [Strathclyde] Run map Arthgal map Dumnagual map Riderch map Eugein map Dumnagual map Teudebur map Beli map Elfin map Eugein map Beli map Neithon map Guipno map Dumngual Hen map Cinuit map Ceritic Guletic map Cynloyp map Cinhil map Cluim map Cursalem map Fer map Confer, ipse est uero olitauc dimor meton uenditus est.
  • [Men of the North] Riderch Hen map Tutagual map Clinoch map Dumgual Hen.
  • Clinog Eitin map Cinbelim map Dumgual Hen.
  • Urbgen map Cinmarc map Merchianum map Gurgust map Coil Hen.
  • Guallauc map Laenauc map Masguic Clop map Ceneu map Coyl Hen.
  • Morcant map Coledauc map Morgant Bulc map Cincar braut map Bran Hen, map Dumgual Moilmut map Garbaniaun map Coyl Hen map Guotepauc map Tecmant map Teuhant map Telpuil map Vrban map Grat map Iumetel map Ritigirn map Oudecant map Outigir [= Outigern] map Ebiud map Eudos map Eudelen map Aballac map Beli et Anna.
  • Dunaut map Pappo map Ceneu map Coyl Hen.
  • Gurci ha Peretur mepion Eleuther Cascord Maur map Letlum map Ceneu map Coyl Hen.


  • [Isle of Man] Idwal son of Tudwal son of Anarod son of Merfyn son of ?Antheg son of Tudwal son of Rhun son of Neithon son of Senyllt son of Dinogad son of Tudwal son of ?Eiddyned son of Anhun son of Macsen Wledig who killed Gratian, King of the Romans
  • [Strathclyde] Rhun son of Arthal son of Dyfnwal son of Rhydderch son of Owain son of Dyfnwal son of Tewdwr son of Beli son of Elffin son of Owain son of Beli son of Neithon son of Gwyddno son of Dyfnwal Hen son of Cynwyd son of Ceredig Wledig son of ?Cynlwyd son of Cinhyll son of Clwyf son of ?Cursalem son of Ffer son of Cynffer, he is in fact from Latium. He was sold from/to the Mediterranean.
  • [The Men of the North] Rhydderch Hen son of Tudwal son of Clydno son of Dyfnwal Hen.
  • Clydno Eidyn son of Cynfelyn son of Dyfnwal Hen.
  • Urien son of Cynfarch son of Meirchion son of Gwrwst son of Coel Hen
  • Gwallog son of Lleenog son of ?Maeswig Cloff son of Cenau son of Coel Hen.
  • Morgan son of Coleddog son of Morgan Bwlch son of Cyngar, brother of Bran Hen, son of Dyfnwal Moelfud son of Garfanion son of Coel Hen son of Godebog son of Tegfan son of ?Tecan son of ?Telbwyll son of Urban son of Grad son of ?Idfedel son of Rhideyrn son of Eudegan son of Eudeyrn son of ?Efudd son of Euddos son of Euddelen son of Afallach son of Beli and Anna.
  • Dunod son of Pabo son of Cenau son of Coel Hen.
  • Gwrgi and Peredur sons of Eliffer Gosgorddfawr son of [Gwrwst] Lledlwm son of Cenau son of Coel Hen.


Descendants of Coel Hen

Descendants of Dyfnwal Hen & Cynwyd