Canu Taliesin III

Original Text

Uryen Yrechwyd, haelaf dyn bedyd
Lliaws a rodyd y dynyon elvyd
Mal y kynnullyd, [mal] yt wesceryd
Llawen beird bedyd tra vo dy vuchyd
Ys mwy llewenyd gan clotvan clotryd
Ys mwy gogonyant vot Uryen ae plant
Ac ef yn arbennic, yn oruchel wledic
Yn dinas pellennic, yn keimat kynteic
Lloegrwys ae gwydant pan ymadrodant
Agheu a gawssant a mynych godyant
Llosci eu trefret a dwyn eu tudet
Ac eimwnc collect a mawr aghyffret
Heb gaffel gwaret rac Uryen Reget
Reget diffreidyat, clot ior, agor gwlat
Vy mod yssyd arnat o pop erclwyat
Dwys dy peleidrat pan erclwyat kat
Kat pan y kyrchynt, gwnyeith a wneit
Tan yn tei kyn dyd rac ud Yrechwyd
Yrechwyd teccaf ae dynon haelaf
Gnawt Eingl heb waessaf am teyrn glewhaf
Glewhaf eissyllyd, tydi goreu yssyd
O’r a vu ac a vyd ny’th oes kystedlyd
Pan dremher arnaw ys ehalaeth y braw
Gnawt Gwyled amdanaw, am teyrn gocnaw
Amdanaw gwyled, a lliaws maranhed
Eurteyrn Gogled, arbenhic teyrned


Urien of Erechwydd, most generous man in Christendom
Much you give to the men of the world
As you gather, so you scatter
The bards of Christendom are happy whilst you live
It is greater happiness to the hero’s eulogist
It is greater glory that Urien and his sons live
Since he is chief, most high lord
Stronghold of stranger, foremost fighter
Men of England know it when they converse
Death they have suffered and frequent vexations
Burning of their homes and taking of their shelter
And many a loss and great tribulation
Without taking deliverance before Urien Rheged
Rheged’s defender, famed lord, anchor of the country
My will is upon you, of all the renowned
Intense your spear-play when battle is heard
Battle when you charge, vengeance you wreak,
Houses on fire before dawn in advance of the lord of Erech.
Fairest Erechwydd and her most generous men
Angles are without security because of the bravest prince
Of the bravest stock, you are the greatest that is
That has been or will be, you have no equal
When men gaze upon him, widespread is the awe
Courtesy around him, around the glorious prince
Around him courtesy and great resources
Golden prince of the North, chief of princes

~ J. Morris-Jones (1918) Taliesin